Though it is given

Though it is given Love mogushchest venny only.

How people can dispose of the of an otkra tiya, depends on understanding of the one who uses them.

But ener Giya of love it is given us in such a way that it is present vnut ri everyone.

Though it is given to the person in the limited quantity, it is the greatest of all forces which are in it order.

That its part which we own consciously, every time with the child's birth, and even if is updated on later stage under the influence of circumstances it abates, all of us will feel still strong desire to feel it.

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The boy goes

The boy goes In two years Seryozha had pneumonia, was long treated, weakened, badly ate.

Having noticed halts in the speech of the boy, parents addressed to experts, the child received medical treatment and everything passed.

The boy goes to a garden willingly, this is the active, diligent, cheerful kid.

Now Seryozha is five years old, and he is very occupied: takes fight, dancing classes, goes to preparatory classes in school for small and to the pool.

A few weeks ago, in the spring, in the speech of the boy again there were halts.

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All of us are a little

All of us are a little From the very beginning all of us want to do in own way and at the same time we seek to be eliminated from it.

Everyone wants to show hardness, to be certain, to make own decisions in lives; and at the same time everyone wants to follow the safe old simply to habits and to allow someone to make decisions.

All of us are a little similar on circus lion from Don Quixote of Cervantes seeking to escape from the cages on a scope of plains.

Once the door of a cage was incidentally open, and the lion ran out from it on will.

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Actually There is no time bells, hand bells of the three, were the purity of esthetic perception of a sound which is not distorted by heights … Sound native, recognizable from far away.

From here the wonderful game blindfold imitating movement prospect the strengthened or weakened sound follows.

Actually adult it is not difficult to create such wonderful situation of acoustical, and not just visible prospect.

Played at hideandseek exactly blindfold and a hand bell earlier.

To show to children completeness and dimensions of space, suggest them to go in the room and on the street a back, back to front from time to time.

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Reason here

Reason here Reason here that children sometimes tell a lie when they have to ask your permission on the acts relating to the list of events of life of the child and when they think thus that you can tell no.

For example, if Marlene wants to go on to shops with the girlfriend who was recently detained for theft, the girl can test a temptation to tell you a lie: Mother, it is possible I will go tonight to Paula?

We are going to work over our school task.

According to your former line of action you, most likely would allow it it, and it would go then to shopping center, with the full the right feeling that safely made a fool of the dictator.

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